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Hi ladies, My name is Kendra Harris. 
I am excited to share my story with the saved and single ladies. I pray my story will help and bless those who read this.
So... let me begin by telling you a little about who I am. Growing up I would hear my elders say if you want to make God laugh tell him your plans. Well, I had finally grown up and I was ready to tell God my plans because I had my life all figured out. I wanted to be a successful woman married by the age of 25 with 2 children. Before I go any further, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Kendra and I am 28 years old. I’d like to give reverence to God who’s the head of my life. Without Him, I am nothing. I’m a mother of one to my wonderful 5 year old son, and I’ve been working in the field of nursing since I was 20 years old. When we embrace a lifestyle that inherently rejects God’s perfect plans for our lives and ignore His designated roles for His children in the holy institution of marriage, we place ourselves not only outside of God’s protection but blessings as well or at least defer His blessings. We then begin to embark on Satan’s rules for his kingdom which is filled with pain, darkness, deception and sadness. Imagine plotting and planning to leave a man because you’ve been with him for approximately 12 years and marriage just doesn’t seem to be in his future. Well it is the week graduation and the time has come. All you have to do now is graduate Thursday, pass state boards, get a job, and wait on payday for the plan to finally go into full effect. Now, we all know that life is full of roller coasters right? It’s Mother’s Day and my boyfriend and I are on a jazz brunch Mother’s Day cruise. After eating, we were sitting on the deck talking and he sends me inside to buy him a drink. When I come back from getting a drink he gets down one one knee and pops the question looking up at me with smile bigger than Ronald McDonald’s on his face asking me to marry him. I’m standing there looking at him and must have gone into shock because I remember some random person asking are you going to say yes? So I finally answered. 
Sorry, I have to stop here. I want my readers to really hear me out as I share my story.
This article will be a series "A MAN'S REJECTION IS GODS PROTECTION".
Stay tune for part 2! 

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