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Are you Faithful to God as He is to you?


A very good friend shared this with me this concept with me past weekend. I hope it blesses you like it blessed me.  

God wants to be our Groom



Whether you believe this or not, God is the perfect example of all that He asks us to be. Imagine with me that God is your spouse.  He is perfect, Loyal, kind, loving, honest, faithful, powerful, patient and everything more you could ever want in a spouse. You, on the other hand, who desires a perfect spouse, however, you have a long time mistress that is difficult to leave behind.  His name is Satan, the great deceiver. This mister or mistress is like a bad penny that keeps showing up. He is relentless, cunning, fun, deceitful, rebellious, crafty, dishonest and wears his wealth for all the world to see. He or she has to be the center of attention and once he gets a hold of you, he will not let you go. You see, he wants to have total control of you at all times and he does not take no for an answer.  He entices you with all kinds of truths mixed with error. From T.V. shows that we call entertainment (when in reality, you are being programmed to serve your mistress) to the way we dress. In fact, we are so messed up and confused that we call good bad and bad good. The lines are completely blurred between our wedding vows (the Ten Commandments) and what the world teaches.

If you are a baptized Christian, on the day of your baptism, you married God and the Ten Commandments are your marriage vows. You see, Gods sent His only perfect Son Jesus to die in your place so that you are no longer slaves to Satan, your mistress (unless you choose to be). God is not like any ordinary spouse. With an earthly spouse, if you mess up too many times, you will likely end up divorced. God, on the other hand, understands that you have been a harlot with His worst enemy. He wants to teach you how to be as faithful to Him as He is to you. Yes, He is aware that you will likely have many more affairs with Satan yet, He promises you that He will never leave you nor forsake you (Deuteronomy 31:16).  When you have cheated on God with Satan for the umpteenth time and Satan comes to lay his claims on you, God whispers “I have loved you with an everlasting love: therefore with lovingkindness have I drawn you.  Jer 31:3

When I think of how many times I have been the harlot chasing Satan while God never stopped chasing me, I weep because I do not deserve a love like that.  I do not deserve a Spouse who is not only willing to teach me to be faithful to Him but promises that nothing can separate me from His love. God wants a mutually faithful relationship with you. He is willing to teach you His ways and how the Ten Commandments are there to keep you safe and happy. They are the vows we must adhere to as the bride of Christ. Will you let Him teach you how to love Him as He loves you?  

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