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My name is Tangela Jones;  Married and a mother of four boys. My journey began when my sons were suffering from eczema. Though the doctor’s prescriptions offered temporary relief, however, it did nothing to deter the reoccurrence of eczema. After several trips to the doctor, I took matters into my own hands and concocted a natural treatment using simple kingredients from my own kitchen. The results were phenomenal! My sons’ skin immediately showed signs of improvement. These events fueled my curiosity into the research of natural ingredients for various minor skin conditions that plagues many of us. My objective was and still is to create products that heal, restore, health and vitality using safe and natural ingredients.
 At first, I tested my homemade products on family and friends who gladly offered feedback. There were times I had to go back to the drawing board in order to get the desired result on a particular product. I continued working on different DYI recipes to treat different skin ailments. As my family and friends began to spread the word, blogging seem like the next logical step. Although I had a small group of subscribers, they were appreciative of the recipes and asked for more. They posted questions to different skin issues and I referred them first to their primary care physician before trying any of my homemade recipes. 
My passion has always been to change lives for the better. Not just from the outside in but from within. Creating natural, safe and effective products was a natural progression that has launched PK Natural. Over the past few years, I have collaborated with various beauty bloggers to test and blog about their experience using my products. I have also attended various beauty and health expos not only to promote my line of products, but to also educate individuals on the importance of taking care of our bodies. I have spoken at schools, women’s shelters as well as other local events. After all, I believe that a body that is loved is cared for with the safest and most effective ingredients.