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New Beginnings!

Hello PK Family! My name is Valerie Edwards. I’m a 34 year old wife and mother of two on this incredible healthy life journey. As a child growing up with a Caribbean upbringing, I’ve always struggled with my weight. I never really knew how to eat a balanced diet and I absolutely detested working out. I couldn’t stand running and only did it when I had to take a Physical Fitness annual evaluation for the Army. In fact, I remember, many years saying that I would rather starve myself then the exercise. I ate sodium rich foods, fast food, sweets and juice and had one big meal a day and thought I was eating appropriately for “my figure”. Oh my, things have changed! God knows how to turn someone’s world around to shed the light on the changes that needed to be made in order to improve their quality of life.

In 2014, after turning 31 and losing my grandmother to cancer, I decided I wanted better for myself and my family. I prayed about it, and asked God to help me get my health together so I can be a healthier wife and mother for my family. I didn’t know quite where to start, but I knew something had to be done. My weight was up and down, my face kept breaking out, I was always exhausted and unmotivated. My husband convinced me to give boot camp a shot. After trying that out for a month, I realized that I couldn’t afford it, so I signed up for a gym paying $10 month. Although I didn’t know anything about working out, I knew I needed to find some motivation to start. Thank God I have a good support system. The Lord was slowly answering my prayers. I had friends give me some pointers and advice on where I should start. Thats when I discovered Pinterest, and I started to get very familiar with YouTube, and I looked up workouts, low carb recipes and how to stay consistent in balancing my diet and exercising. About six months later, after doing just cardio (mainly running about 3-4 times a week) my husband introduced me to weight lifting and I became obsessed. I read magazine articles, internet articles, books and googled as much as I could on weight lifting and meal prepping healthy meals. I lost about 15lbs and felt amazing. My almighty Lord and savior is always working for my good. My skin cleared up and I felt happier and exuded more pride and confidence in myself. The results kept me motivated. I fell in love with this Valerie.

In summer of 2015 I decided to chop off my relaxed hair and start from scratch with my natural texture hair. I went through so many products to figure out which products were best for growing my natural hair. After months of reading and researching about what products I should use to grow healthy hair, the common answers all talked about living a healthy life and being patient. Eat healthy, get plenty of rest, drink plenty of water and plenty exercise. I made sure to continued to eat healthy because not only was it helping me lose weight and feel more energetic but it’s also helping me to grow my hair quicker and healthier. The only thing I had to do was practice patience and enjoy the ride.

The journey hasn’t been easy. I’ve had good months and bad months. On top of being a wife and mother of two, I am also a full time employee and a part time soldier. Every now and then I’m also a student. Finding balance and staying motivated is the toughest part of my journey. I have to combat schedule changes at work every six months and readjust my life according to those schedules. However, whenever I feel like throwing in the towel, I remember what I felt like when I started this journey, a little less than four years ago, and I know that I never want to look or feel that way again. I’m constantly learning about ways to keep me and my family healthy and applying it to our daily lives. Reading labels on products are key. Whether it’s food, skin products or hair products, the one thing you should do is be aware of what goes in or on your body. I choose to join the Purpose Kollection family because they understands the needs of the hair, skin and body. I love the fact that the plant based products are made to fortify, nourish and moisturize your skin and hair. Whether you desire healing from eczema, or to use as a daily protective regiment; anything made by our founder of Purpose Kollection has you and your family’s best interest at heart.

Stay tune for my upcoming articles to help with your HAIR, HEALTH AND YOUR OVERALL WHOLE BODY!