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Living with my fiancé had gotten sounbearable I would take Benadryl when I made it home toavoid arguments with him, which he later picked up on what I was doing. The wedding was 3 months away and I had one final payment to make for the $4300 total wedding package planthat my wedding planner and I had designed. While drivinghome one day at the beginning of August my fiancé called me to inform me the DJ that he had discussed with me about using for our wedding was no longer available. Honestly I was angry because I could not understand why he waited so late to make the final decision on a DJ when I would constantly harp on him how important it was to book everything early to avoid what we were currently facing. I felt like he had done it on purpose as resentment towards me because I was so caught up in planning the perfect wedding, as he would often say. He had previously spoken with the guy in February so I had assumed that he had surely booked him then. I wanted to get back at him so, I came up with a lie that I didn’t have to tell about me already booking one just in case. He knew I was lying and called me out on it, which led to another argument. During the argument he told me that he had found another DJ but refused to tell me whom he had hired. I was tired of him not communicating with me and at that point I felt like if he was holding back who the DJ was for our wedding what else was he hiding from me.  I was angry and all over the place. Before I knew it I had taken off my ring and threw it and yelled out “ I am so tired of you keeping secrets from me. I refuse to live the rest of my life with someone who thinks keeping secrets is ok.” He took the ring back and said, “That’s it we’re not getting married.” The wedding planner was set to come and do her final walk through of the venue August 20. I was for sure he really didn’t mean we weren’t getting married, but just in case he was serious I asked did I need to give the wedding planner a go ahead to come. He said no. Yes, I know this is getting heated lol. 

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  • Kendra Harris


December of 2006 was a very memorable week for my spiritual walk with God. Within six weeks of working as an RN, my mentor asked me whether my fiancée and I were engaging in sexual activities. I answered yes and She proceeded to boldly tell me that “God will not bless no mess. “That was the first time that someone took the initiative to direct me in putting the will of God ahead of my own
  • Kendra Harris


Within a few months after the proposal, my wedding planning was in full effect. The big day was set for November 4, 2017. My fiancéhad taken a travel job that would start in June or July. Therefore, my career had been put on hold because he wanted my son and I to travel with him.
  • kayishia flores

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