Our Story

We believe choices like the food we put in our bodies, the products we put on our bodies and the cleaners we use around our homes have power; the power to take control of good our health.

We experienced this first-hand. Whether it was avoiding a blood transfusion, recovering a severely ill family member that was medically deemed with surviving or dying of cancer, overcoming long-term hormonal complications, or simply getting rid of body cramps. Our lives were transformed because of the control of real unhealthy foods and toxic hair & skin products in which leads to a non-toxic environment.


If we can help change even one person’s life for the better with educating our customers, then we consider it a blessing. But of course, it is our utmost desire to enable and encourage as many people as we possibly can to live a healthy- non toxic lifestyle.


We’d love for you to join us and help us spread the word!

Hi everyone, 

My name is Tangie. Business owner of PurposeKollection Naturals. For 9 years and counting, I have been advocating clean, natural living. I saw clearly how the choices we make each day, such as the food we eat, can literally change the course of our lives. Years later, I decided to step out on faith and pursue what I have always enjoyed and that was helping people. I began studying types of ingredients that was safe and toxic. It was very important to me because my boys suffered from eczema. I was a mom on a mission! These experiences resulted in a strong commitment to helping my family members and others. My aunt passed away from cancer and it was devastating. My passion became my purpose. When I'm not consulting or researching for pknaturals. I enjoy the beautiful state of Florida, where I reside with my three boys and six grand-kids.  Read My Full Story to get a more in-depth understanding of what has transpired in my life.

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